Ruaiveld Junior School provides equal opportunity to all students seeking admission in the school. Our intentions are to provide a stable and even environment for all children to develop, grow and nature talents as early as possible. We invite all existing and potential parents to continuously pay us a visit. 


At Ruaiveld Junior School, Interviews are exempt for Baby Class, Nursery and Pre-unit 1. Interviews are a must for Pre-unit 2 and Classes 1 to 3. 

What does the interview involve? and how long does it take?

The interview process of Ruaiveld Junior School has two steps namely; oral and written interview.

How long does the interview take?

Our interview takes a minimum of 3 hours, depending on the child’s abilities. The purpose of the interview is to identify strengths, weaknesses, abilities, skills and talents of the interviewee. The results of the interview will help the school to determine how best to cater for the pupil.

Is there a cost for interviews?

Yes. Interviews are conducted at a cost of sh.1000. The school also provides FREE lunch for all the pupils attending interviews. However, parents are also free to provide packed lunch for their children.

When can I bring my child for an interview?

You can bring your child for an interview any time, whether during the school term or during the traditional school holiday period. Please call our school number 0725 030463 for booking.

What is required for the interview?

  • 1 pencil,
  • 1 rubber
  • 1 sharpener


Results are shared with the parent/guardian on the same day after completion of the interview. 

School Uniform

Details on where to buy the uniform will be provided at the school upon admission.